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        The basic preparation technology of mixed silicone rubber

        Mixed silicone rubber can be used in general rubber mixer
        The mass production is in the kneader or the closed mixer.
        Mixing silicone rubber in a kneader can improve production efficiency
        Rate, and improve the working environment, the basic coordination process is shown in Figure 1.
        To remove water and other volatiles from white carbon, promote silicon rubber
        Rubber raw rubber and silica. The dispersion and infiltration in silica
        After black and structured control, it needs to be heated at 150~180 degrees centigrade
        1 ~ 6h, and then further mixing and adding on the double roller machine.
        A modifier; finally filtered to remove impurities from the rubber.
        L coordination.
        - a l
        The amount of modification agent]__1 [Zhu Bao ll pad
        Other auxiliaries _J - [two
        Mixed silicone rubber
        Figure 1 basic mixing process of silicone rubber
        In figure I, silicone rubber, polymerization degree from 5000 to 10
        000, the Kimmel fraction of ethylene is 0.03% to 0.5%; packing:
        Gas phase silica, precipitated silica, diatomite and quartz powder
        And so on; infiltrating agent (structurative control agent): terminal band reactivity
        A group of polysiloxane or silane. Mixing equipment: closed mixer,
        Double roller machine, kneader, and so on; heat treatment process: 150~180 C
        Lower 1-6h; filter network: 100-250 mesh stainless steel net.
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