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        How to maintain and maintain vacuum pump filter core

        The filter element is the filter equipment in the vacuum pump, which is the important working part of the filter. The quality of the filter is determined by the performance of the filter element. So how does vacuum pump filter core maintain and maintain?

        There are three main types of filter in the operation of vacuum pump:

        1. Air intake filter (can effectively prevent solid particles and fine ash from being sucked into vacuum pump. Reduce mechanical wear and improve operation reliability. It can also protect the system components while extending the service life of the pump.

        2. Exhaust filter core (taking into account the exhaust resistance, dust volume, oil and gas separation performance, the three of the requirements to achieve optimal balance. Different materials are used for different purposes of separation.

        3. Oil filter element (used for lubricating oil filtration of imported vacuum pump, prolong the use of oil of main flow filter, installation in oil road)

        Use and maintenance methods:

        In cleaning up and replacing, there are many people who are not able to lead, often in vain effort, but not to the better effect.

        1. Release the knob bolt to separate the filter housing from the head. Be careful not to lose the rubber seal and fiber washer.

        2. Carefully remove the spring and felt gasket and then take out the paper core.     

        3. Brush the dust and foreign objects in the fillet of the filter with the brush, then gently pat it with the hand to drop the remaining dust, and wipe the dust off the inner wall of the shell and the fiber mat.

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