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        How to solve the abnormal noise of the kneading machine

        If there is abnormal noise in the kneading machine that is being used, there is a large possibility that the mechanical component of the kneading machine is not a problem. It may be that the coupling of the pump and motor is not in the center line, so that the coupling of the pump and the motor needs to be rediscovered. Or if there is a loose or problem in the coupler, it is necessary to strengthen the coupling or replace the new coupling.

        If there is an abnormality in the shockproof device, you need to check the reinforcement, and if that doesnt solve the problem, you need to replace the new one. It is also possible that the valve in the oil supply pipeline is blocked by the dirt or the throttle of the valve, and the nozzle is too small to cause one of the causes of the noise, so it is necessary to check the cleaning valve or replace the suitable components. The selection of hydraulic oil also requires careful selection. Hydraulic oil can be very difficult because of low oil level or high viscosity of oil temperature and low pressure hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil also corrupts the internal components all the time, causing the internal components to be damaged.

        The hydraulic pressure can also cause the noise of the machine. The inspection of hydraulic oil needs to be done once in a while, the choice of hydraulic oil must be careful.

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