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        How to check the factory kneading machine

        Rugao ShengTeng Kneading Machinery Manufacturing co., LTD. has attached great importance to the quality of the factory kneading machines, and strict quality control, striving to achieve high quality and cost-effective. Our company can promise: for the products manufactured by our company, if there are any quality problems, we will repair and replace them. We wish to thank our new and old friends for our love, and your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

        Each kneading machine must carry out the no-load test at the rated speed for 30 min before leaving the factory. The product should meet the following requirements:

        1. The machine is operating normally and smoothly, without abnormal sound, and the control device is flexible and reliable.

        2. No loosening of fittings and fasteners.

        3. The products manufactured in batches shall be tested at least two times each year and shall be tested according to the provisions of JB/T9820.3. The results shall be in accordance with the provisions.

        4. When ordering unit acceptance products, the acceptance shall be carried out according to this standard. If unqualified, the factory should resubmit the acceptance after repair. In the use of units to comply with the requirements of the factory by mixing machine, under the condition of operating instructions, within 1 year from the date of purchase, due to poor quality damage occurs, manufacturer shall repair, replacement and return.

        5. The quality of paint coating shall be inspected according to JB/T5673.

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