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        Assembling the kneading machine for chemical cargo facilities

        The kneading machine is a kind of horizontal mixer, and the vacuum kneading machine and the general kneading machine is a kneading machine, which is composed of a mixture of high viscosity and high viscosity, such as high viscosity and high viscosity of the elastic plastic of the semi-dry form or the rubber thin plastic material, which is caused by the intense shear action of the mutual cooperation and the curling of the blade (generally z-shaped). The mixing and mixing, mixing, the integration, the evacuation, the new polymorphic facilities of the chemical goods.

        The kneading machine is divided into vacuum and general two specifications. In addition to the heavy duty kneading machine, normal parts adopt the general chassis, convenient for the device. For medium size kneading machine, it adopts worm wheel or cycloid needle wheel speed machine, and the hard tooth surface accelerator is adopted for the heavy kneading machine, which makes the transmission and turbulence of the long machine, the voice is small and the life length is long. The mixing of the paddle and the inner wall of the cylinder with the goods is adopted without the stainless steel material to ensure the purity and quality of the products. The shaft seal is conservative and sealed. Request high shaft seal adopts ChengTeng kneading machine special shaft seal chamber structure. Make sure there are no sharpen the black material. A collection of electrical control (include flight operation, hydraulic, hydraulic lid and HouWen master) appeared and accurate measure of mastery and measure, is advantageous for the operation and process control.

        The vacuum kneading machine is composed of 12 large parts, such as kneading all, the whole machine, the hydraulic bits, the transmission bits, the vacuums and the electric control bits and pieces. Kneading is composed of cylinder, slurry shaft, wallboard, cylinder head etc. The hydraulic system is composed of a hydraulic station to control two small oil cylinders and two lard tanks, to realize the opening and closing of the big cover, stirring the cylinder performance, and the pressure of the piecemeal pressure is 7.0 Mpa. The electric control has the manual, active electric control, the user is willing to choose and request, operate the convenience, secure. The transmission is composed of generator, accelerator and cone, according to the kneading machine. Is in the process of transmission, can be made of generator synchronous speed, the inertial coupling to accelerate after machine, pulp quickly by the input drive installation, make its speed regulation, can also be stopped by intending to pricing.

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