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        Installation of a series of facilities features and key points

        When pouring foundation before and after the upgrade will be six good correction of horizontal square cmx20cm 20 carbon steel plate after watering in the foundation, remove the kneading machine to have prepared, on the foundation of pouring the machine site with a foundation of six square iron welding can be directly call for common fixed way, a complete set of equipment will be welded on the metal frame, users need to install, is very convenient. Here are some things to note:

        1. After installation of the kneading machine, the cleaning, decontamination and anti-rust grease should be cleaned first. Check the lubrication points and inject the lubricating oil (grease).

        2. Check the tightness of the triangle belt before driving, and move the motor to the appropriate position by adjusting the bolt.

        3. Check whether the fastener of the kneading machine is loose, whether the steam pipe is leaking, the circuit and electrical equipment are safe. Electric heating vacuum kneading machine must have grounding device.

        4. Clean the kneading machine room before the test, make 10-15 minutes of empty operation, and confirm that the machine is working properly before being put into production. Generally, the initial period of the new machine gear (including the decelerator) is more noisy, and the time of being away from the one is reduced naturally.

        5. When the steam heating is used, the inlet pipe shall be equipped with a safety valve and pressure gauge. The steam pressure shall not exceed the pressure requirement of the mixing tank of the sign knowledge.

        6. When mixing the paste, the use of inversion should be reduced; There should be no leakage of raw material in the sealing part of the wall.

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