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        How to select suitable speed reducers to improve mechanical efficiency and reduce noise

        The mixer is equipped with a speed reducer on each side of the motor. Since the speed of the mixing shaft is much lower than the motor rated speed in the range of 30-600rpm, most of the motor outlet is equipped with a speed reducer, which can reduce the speed and increase the torque of the independent closed driving device between the motor and the working machine.

        Reducer according to the transmission and the characteristics of the structure can be divided into the cycloidal reducer, belt speed reducer, the worm gear and worm reducer, gear reducer, four we in machine of decelerate of choice should be based on technology of mixing dispersion machine equipment mixer box type mixing equipment anchor type mixing equipment small small mixing equipment of low speed device stirring device ribbon mixer dispersive mixing equipments dispersive mixing equipment ribbon mixing liquid mixing equipment requirements and operating environment matching suitable reducer, the selection on in addition to meet the requirements of power output and speed should also be reliable operation and convenient maintenance has high mechanical efficiency, and low noise. Lets take a look at each of these four decelerators, and learn how they work.

        Cycloidal reducer, the use of cycloid pin gear meshing is a kind of advanced design, novel structure, retarding mechanism, positive and reverse operation, the biggest characteristic is the high transmission efficiency ratio range transmission power can w from 10 to 50000 kw, the volume and weight than ordinary gear speed reducer, the worm reducer.

        Belt reducer, belt deceleration machine high efficiency, long life, compact structure, stable transmission, easy disassembly, etc, allows the positive and negative direction running, mainly applied in the large fermentation device.

        Worm gear and worm reducer, the worm gear and worm reducer adopts worm gear and worm transmission is mainly used for larger occasions, with advantages of compact structure outline size stable transmission, but low efficiency and single-stage worm reducer more two levels of worm reducer, less application. The range of transmission ratio of single-stage worm reducer is generally 10-70

        Gear reducer, gear reducer, including cylindrical gear reducer and bevel gear reducer, including cylindrical gear reducer in all the most widely used in the speed reducer, the scope of its transmission power can be from small to 4000 kw circumferential velocity also available at very low 60-70 - m/s; The shaft and output shaft of the conical gear reducer is configured to be a 90o configuration for the input and output axis vertical. The main characteristics of gear speed reducer is durable, simple maintenance, high efficiency can be divided by its reduction gear series single stage, two levels, three stage, even avoid slowing closed profile size is too big, generally can be used when the transmission ratio under 8 single stage gear speed reducer, greater than 8 when had better choose two or more than two stage gear speed reducer.

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