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        How to select the appropriate kneading machine to meet all kinds of requirements

        As the main equipment in the development of modern industry, the kneading machine is the main equipment in the development and production of new materials. However, many customers are in the early stages of purchasing the kneading machine, and the following are the tips for selecting quality kneading machines:

        Because the kneading machine is a kind of mixing equipment, it has different manufacturing skills for different industries. According to different classification methods, the kneading machine can be divided into the following categories:

        1. The kneading machine can be made into common type, pressure type and vacuum type according to work pressure;

        2. The kneading machine can be divided into carbon steel kneading machine, stainless steel kneading machine and special raw material kneading machine according to the raw materials.

        3. The kneading machine has hydraulic cylinder dumping, ball valve discharging, screw kneading and rolling out of the material, etc.

        4. According to the volume of machine planning: 1-6000 litres;

        5. According to the different heating medium, it can be divided into normal temperature, steam heating, heat conduction oil bath electric heating and water cooling.

        6. According to the magnitude and impact degree of the load, it is divided into standard and strong type;

        Please refer to the above materials at the beginning of the selection, and select the suitable kneading machine based on the requirements of formula skill.

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