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        The reasons and the solutions of the difference of the elasticity of silicon rubber

        Silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber made from silica rubber and rubber, adding white carbon black, silicone oil and other additives. The mixing of silicone rubber molding requires a certain temperature and pressure under the action of the vulcanization agent. What is the cause of the difference of the elastic resistance of the silicon rubber? What to do with it? Heres a little introduction:

        I. Reasons:

        1. The formulation of raw vinyl chloride base is not reasonable,

        2. Excessive additives of silicone rubber,

        3. The time is not enough, the white carbon black and the raw glue infiltration difference,

        4. High temperature of mixing silicon rubber.

        II. Processing:

        1. Appropriate amount of polyvinyl silicone oil and higher vinyl,

        2. Appropriate dispersion,

        3. After the white carbon is eaten, the cold is extended to 45min,

        4. Guarantee the cold temperature.

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